A list of resources I personally recommend. Most are not strictly hedge-based, but they’re not Wiccan, either.

Books: general

  • Practical Solitary Magic This is a very unusual book on witchcraft. In fact, it doesn’t use the term “witchcraft” at all, but instead uses “magic”. It follows no specific tradition and is heavily influenced by Jungian psychology. I can’t recommend this book enough. It covers the four planes, divination, affirmations, deities and archetypes, the four elements, working with elementals, candle magic, visualisation, incense, water magic, solar and lunar cycles, tools, circles, and so much more. If ever there was a thorough primer on solitary, “traditional” witchcraft, this is it.

Books: herbalism, oils, etc.

  • Magical Herbalism Although Cunningham comes from a Wiccan tradition, this isn’t a Wiccan book. This gem of a book covers not only amulets, bathing rituals, incense, and which herbs to use for what, but has recipes for potions that you can brew up that will cover any kind of magical working you need to perform, based on whether what you’re trying to achieve is considered “fire”, “earth”, “air”, or “water” in nature. Also included are instructions on creating a magical garden. I think this book is a must-have for any hedge witch.
  • Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs An excellent supplement to Magical Herbalism.
  • The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews A huge collection of incense, ointment, oil, tincture, bath brew, bath salt, ink, and sachet recipes.

Books: lunar magic

  • Moonology I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s on my shelf and looks excellent.

Books: dreams

  • The Dream Dictionary from A to Z I love this book. It also has some great reference information at the front of the book about dreams and the history of dream interpretation.

Books: psychic development

Books: seasonal celebrations

  • The Magical Year “A modern-day exploration of Celtic spirituality, folklore and traditions interwoven with practical crafts, recipes, spells, ceremonies, guided visualizations and meditations in a season-by-season celebration of the eight festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year.” (description from
  • The Wheel of the Year Another great book on pagan festivals.

Books: crystals

  • Anything by Judy Hall, especially the Crystal Prescriptions series.
  • Life-Changing Crystals Possibly my favourite crystal book. This is not a reference book, but a guide on how to use crystals to manifest changes. I used the prosperity grid laid out in this book, and shortly after that, my editing business began to take off.

Books: tarot

  • Tarot Plain and Simple An excellent, well laid-out book on tarot. Highly recommended.
  • 365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day I love this book. A different tarot spread for each day with a theme such as “beating a bad habit”, “vision board”, “protection”, “making up for wrongdoing” and “speak with ancestors”. Each day also has info about a particular card that goes beyond its usual meaning.

Tarot and oracle decks