Me (Michelle): a 39-year-old American who’s lived in the UK for 16 years. Twice-divorced, vodka-drinking, dark-humoured woman who uses bad words and is finally not afraid to say she loves witchcraft, but can’t quite call herself a witch. (Yet.)

Day job: copywriter and proofreader in the corporate finance sector. My dream is to become a professional tarot reader and leave the soulless corporate world behind. I’ve realised that I’m not really happy unless what I’m doing for a living helps someone and they tell me so – I need validation that I’m making a positive difference to people’s lives.

I’ve been studying tarot off and on for a couple years, and now I want to do the thing right. I’ve set this site up to offer nearly-free tarot readings in exchange for constructive feedback.

I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles, and have successfully complete the Read Tarot with Confidence Course from Biddy Tarot.



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