What am this?

And why ‘Unconventional’?

Because tarot isn’t actually this mysterious, scary thing. While some people use it to predict the future, I find that since I’m not psychic, fortune-telling with tarot is very hit and miss. Worse, using it this way assumes the future is set in stone and removes your power to effect change.

What it does do is show what could happen if you continue on your current course.

Mostly, however, it is an amazing creative and problem-solving tool that helps you tap into your subconscious thoughts and unlock answers from within. It presents possibilities and helps reveal blockages whilst also providing help for overcoming these hurdles.

Fancy a career change, but are unsure which path to take or how? Relationship problems that you can’t quite put your finger on? Want to know how to attract your soul mate? Mother-in-law ruining your life? Tarot can help.

I am a tarot apprentice, learning through books, teachers, online courses, and practise. I offer tarot readings for a nominal fee in exchange for helpful feedback. I provide honest, straight-up readings with a touch of humour – no smoke and mirrors.